When I Dream

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When I Dream
Source: Nova
Clade The Ode clade
Down-Tree True Name

Do I Know God When I Dream is a snarky systech who works closely with To Know God and Unasked Questions to coordinate with the System Consortium and the system architects. Ey was also previously responsible for ensuring the eighth stanza had access to CPV; When I Dream marginalized known applications of CPV, redirected phys-side's priorities, and personally created and maintained a collection of pre-targeted viral constructs until the bug permitting CPV was removed following the Century Attack.

Ey has taken on the appearance of a transgressively queer androgynous fox, leveraging old stereotypes about transfurs running the 'net, and eir particularly sardonic brand of humor affords em a great deal of social mobility within the otherwise choreographed conversations between phys-side and sys-side. Ey lowers the guard of eir coworkers by drawing on their shared adversity as technicians to subvert the overbearing authority of the Consortium.


This is information that actively informs canon, yet which does not appear in the work itself.


When I Dream forked from True Name as an identical tracking instance to re-establish the working relationships Michelle/Sasha left after her advocacy for consensual sensoria. This involved working closely with phys-side systechs, and eventually lead to eir becoming a systech emself. When I Dream leveraged eir day-to-day relationships with eir phys-side counterparts to keep a finger on the pulse of the System, to track changes in the disposition of the Consortium, and to redirect the system architects' ongoing development of the System.


Learning through one of eir phys-side peers of a bug resulting in an unrecoverable crashed instance prompted a collaboration with To Know God to determine who the affected instance was, what happened to them, and how to ensure such a thing did not happen again. Initially strongly-motivated to prevent this from being used to bring death to the System, When I Dream sought to redirect the phys-side systechs' attention away from the bug, reducing the likelihood that others in eir position might realize the bug's deadly potential.

Unasked Questions, however, discovered that the Jonas clade had already acquired their own viral supply, and directed When I Dream to direct eir focus towards acquiring and replicating CPV for use by the eigth stanza as a deterrent. Over the course of the following century, When I Dream's primary project became mitigating the proliferation of CPV in tandem with Unasked Questions and To Know God, and personally creating, curating, and circulating viral constructs for use by eir cocladists.


As technical obstacles accumulated in anticipation of Launch, When I Dream sought opportunities to contribute to the Dreamer modules, particularly the DMZ. During this time, eir work relating to CPV had largely been relegated to record-keeping and occasional dispensation as actors came and went from the political theatre. Qoheleth's death was a shock to all of the Ode clade, and given When I Dream's role within the eighth stanza, True Name's scrutiny fell most of all upon em. Unasked Questions assumed responsibility for maintaining the present collection of viral constructs, suggesting ey step back from politics while she worked to reorganize the eighth stanza.


See also: When I Dream#Castor and When I Dream#Pollux With minimal interference from eir cocladists, When I Dream was free to pursue a less ambitious relationship with eir phys-side peers, affording em a great deal of untapped social currency in the intervening decades. Beginning with eir work on the DMZ and the various projects that followed, ey established emself as a prominent representative of the sys-side systech community in concert with In The Wind. The two were already the Ode clade's primary contact with the Lagrange station, much as May Then My Name had been during the launch project, but now their names rolled the eyes of Systech Administration on a regular basis.

The Century Attack

  • Determining that CPV may have caused the crash.
  • Hiding away evidence that survives the rollback.
  • Confronting the eighth stanza.
  • Learning of phys-side's involvement.
  • Being asked to replace CPV with something new.
  • Refusing and breaking off from the eighth stanza.
  • Establishing a rapport with Sasha.


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