May Then My Name

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May Then My Name
Source: Iris Jay
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 3+53
Down-Tree [[True Name]]

May Then My Name Die With Me ("May" to those with whom she is closest) is a member of the eighth stanza, forked by True Name to influence individuals via friendship, trust, or romance.

She loves easily and earnestly, and remains in several relationships via long-lived up-tree instances, though she maintains a parallel monogamy relationship style, reasoning that her sense of devotion is all-encompassing and she cannot maintain that with more than one partner.

After the publication of An Expanded Mythology of Our World, May Then My Name returned to acting with Au Lieu Du Rêve.

Relationship with Ioan Bălan

In 201, she entered a long-lasting relationship with Ioan Bălan after working closely with em in eir role as historian, her role as sys-side launch coordinator offering greater insight. This soon leads to a collaboration, with her working on a mythology parallel to eir history. Due to her history with manipulation, she ensured that ey was the one to decide whether or not they were in a relationship.

Relationship with True Name

Over time, her ideals diverged from True Name's, leading to her requesting to no longer merge back down and no longer accepting any further 'assignments', however she remained open to communication and admitted that she was still steered in some ways by her down-tree.

After it was hinted that True Name urged Michelle/Sasha to quit, May Then My Name's opinion of her down-tree instance dropped precipitously, with her expressing hatred of True Name in 222 during the arrival of the Artemisians. This continued well into 226 with the assassination of 106 of True Name's instances at the hands of Jonas Anderson. Although the enmity softened, being confronted with her down-tree's mortality, she still encouraged E.W. to merge down as a way of "knocking her down a peg". However, on seeing the effects that this had and with the pressure of meeting with Jonas, she later offers to merge down, herself, hoping that this will gentle her down-tree and offer greater perspective, as well as adding goodness to her life after the annihilating merge with E.W. True Name agreed to a partial merge, a decision that would eventually lead to her identity shifting to that of Sasha.

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After the events of the Century Attack, May Then My Name and Sasha entered a relationship, forming a triad with Ioan.


See also: Zacharias Shortly after she was forked, May Then My Name was sent to track a relationship with who she believed was a newer upload but turned out to be an instance of Jonas Anderson. This instance of May Then My Name was eventually coerced into changing enough as to no longer be recognizable as an Odist in order to influence and blackmail True Name.


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