From Post-Self

Wolfery is a roleplaying space taking the form of a MUCK which is accessed via the browser. The setting is known as The Rift, a confluence of various universes in one place due to a disruption in space-time. As such, characters from many different worlds have found themselves there, and while some are able to return home, many are not.

Several cladists have found themselves in this setting after the events of the Century Attack, including many Odists. In addition, an instance of True Name exists in The Rift after having been assassinated by Zacharias at Jonas's behest. Cladists retain the ability to fork and merge, create various objects, and send sensorium messages, though these are described as dreamy and a bit uncomfortable. Missing is anything to do with the perisystem architecture: no ACLs, no sims, no reputation, no libraries, and, notably, no eternal memory or exocortices. This leads to much difficulty in recalling things in enough detail to create accurate objects or remember data such as texts. Additionally, as no systech tools are available, crashed or unconscious instances may not be kicked into forking, and death is real and permanent.

We welcome you to come join us in playing out the (non-canon or protocanon) lives of cladists in a setting outside the System!