The Century Attack

From Post-Self

The Century Attack was an attack on Lagrange orchestrated by several loosely related groups phys-side, including several fundamentalist collectives. It took the form of a broad-scale CPV "bomb" that ramified through the perisystem architecture, killing 100% of the approximately 2.3 trillion instances living on Lagrange.[1] It occurred at 275+365.99: midnight on New Year's Eve, 2399, and all instances crashed within a minute.

Phys-side recognized immediately that something had happened and initiated attempts to bring Lagrange back online. It required restarting and shutting down Lagrange about 30 times before it was finally brought back online for good on 277+41. In the process, several fixes and improvements were implemented, including patching out CPV entirely. In the end, approximately 1% of cladists on Lagrange were deemed unrecoverable, their core dumps corrupted.

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