True Name

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True Name
Source: Iris Jay
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 0+103
Down-Tree Michelle Hadje/Sasha

See also: True Name#Pollux, True Name#Castor, and Sasha née True Name

The Only Time I Know My True Name Is When I Dream of Lagrange is an Odist named after the first line of the eighth stanza. She is well known for being the politician within the clade who helped steer the System from the early days around Secession, taking Michelle/Sasha's place on the Council of Eight. Following the assassination of the vast majority of her working forks (106 out of 108 forks of True Name#Root), she accepted merges from her up-trees E.W. and May Then My Name, eventually renaming herself Sasha in order to continue living on the System out from under Jonas's thumb.

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