Michelle Hadje/Sasha

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Michelle Hadje/Sasha
Source: Floe
Clade The Ode clade
Uploaded -7+309
Quit 182+289

Michelle Hadje/Sasha was a theatre teacher who was one of the Lost in 2112. She was rescued by her and AwDae's friend Debarre and became an activist campaigning on behalf of those who were lost and on related issues. She and Debarre pooled their resources to upload in 2117, and in 2124, she forked ten times, marking the beginning of the Ode clade.

After uploading, she experienced severe dissociation and difficulty maintaining a single form and identity, mirroring her experience while lost. Her appearance is described as shifting constantly between human and skunk. In this state, touch feels uncomfortable or disgusting, and focus is hard to maintain. Because of this, she forked the first ten lines of the Ode clade in 0 in order to continue her work on the Council of Eight without so much distraction, intentionally ensuring that each fork only maintained a single form. Consequently, each of the first ten lines wound up with an abiding fixation on a particular aspect of her identity.

After this point, she retired, often describing herself as 'dead', and leaning into the split identity, thinking of herself as Michelle/Sasha.


While the Ode clade appears in many, many canon works, Michelle/Sasha herself appears only a few: