Motes Played

From Post-Self
Motes Played
Format Novella

Madison Rye Progress and Samantha Yule Fireheart

Year 2362
Canonicity Canon
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Motes Played is an upcoming novella set in the Post-Self setting written by Madison Rye Progress and Samantha Yule Fireheart. While it is heavily tied into the Post-Self cycle, it is not part of the cycle proper.

Back copy

Motes played.

She played because she was play. She played because that was her role in life, because that is just who she was. She played with color, played with life, played with death.

She played with fire.

Motes played, because how could she not?

Content notes:

Mentions of rough, but consensual sex with one vague description; blood; adult characters engaging with the world as children, unrelated to sex; themes of familial abuse.