Ioan Bălan

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Ioan Bălan
Source: Iris Jay
Clade The Bălan clade
Uploaded 114+238

Ioan Bălan (diminutive: Ionuț) is a cladist on the Lagrange System. Ey is the root instance of the Bălan clade, who are inextricably entangled with the Ode clade. Ey is neurodivergent, and is described as spending a lot of time up in eir head with a tendency towards hyperfixation, though is nonetheless thoughtful and emotionally grounded. While ey is nonbinary, ey deliberately retains eir masculine name and appearance, dressing in natty faux-academic garb. Ey uploaded in order to use the income-loss subsidy to help eir brother, Rareș Bălan after eir parents' death.

Ey is in a romantic relationship with May Then My Name and Sasha via the tracking instance Aurel Bălan.


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