Slow Hours

From Post-Self
Slow Hours
Source: Mischa
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 3+53
Down-Tree A Finger Pointing


Where It Watches The Slow Hours Progress of the Ode clade is a member of the fifth stanza and a direct up-tree of Time Is A Finger Pointing At Itself, the first line of the stanza. She is a human, looking quite similar to her root instance, Michelle Hadje.

While her role within the fifth stanza was as the script manager and researcher for Au Lieu Du Rêve, she is best known for being something of an oracle, and is described as "having the outline of the world". She explains this away largely as having read enough over the years, often working in parallel, that it has gotten easy for her to see the trajectory that a person's life is taking. For instance, in Mitzvot, she speaks twice with True Name, once before and once after she becomes Sasha, providing her with some information about where her life might be heading. She often couches this in the form of a game 'two truths and a lie', though rather than the contemporary social game, her version includes telling everyone two things that may come to pass for them and one that probably will not, and then setting them to discussing.


This is information that is in development, nice to have, or generally accepted within the community, yet which is unrelated to any of the canon.

When Slow Hours overflows, she disengages with written and spoken language, finding the information overwhelming, often winding up nonverbal and unable to comprehend speech.