Codrin Bălan

From Post-Self
Codrin Bălan
Source: Iris Jay
Clade The Bălan clade
Forked 181+345
Quit 201+20
Down-Tree Ioan Bălan

Codrin Bălan was the first new member of the Bălan clade following the events described in Qoheleth. Beginning eir existence as a fork of Ioan Bălan created to follow the project at Dear's behest, ey found emself changed enough by the events leading up to Qoheleth's assassination that ey individuated. Ey reluctantly merged down to provide Ioan with the memories of the experience, but not before forking emself to continue on in eir existence, choosing the name Codrin as a reference to 'codru', forest in Romanian. Some years after returning to live with Dear and its partner █████, ey wound up joining their relationship, forming a triad.

Codrin and eir partners both decided to join the Launch, leaving no forks behind; they now exist solely on the LVs Castor and Pollux.