Dry Grass

From Post-Self
Dry Grass
Source: Mischa
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 4+39
Down-Tree [[Hammered Silver]]

In The Wind

I Remember The Rattle Of Dry Grass of the Ode clade is a member of the sixth stanza. With the stanza's focus on parenthood and guardianship, Dry Grass expanded this to mean treating the System itself as her charge, becoming a systech. She eventually grew tired of the politics and left to focus on other things, letting a fork of hers, In The Wind, carry on in her place. After the events of the Century Attack in which In The Wind was a victim, she reacquired her systech credentials to lead the charge on finding out what happened.

She is in a relationship with Reed, Cress, and Tule of the Marsh clade.


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