Hammered Silver

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Hammered Silver
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 0+103
Down-Tree Michelle/Sasha

Memory Is A Mirror Of Hammered Silver is the first line of the sixth stanza. Her focus is on motherhood, and early on after being forked, she took a maternal role with Michelle/Sasha, caring for her as might a parent. As time went on, she grew more prescriptive about her interactions with the clade and the System as a whole, often sending snippy letters and eventually cutting off the entirety of the fifth, eighth, and part of the ninth stanza. While she lives with Waking World and describes him as her husband, she treats this as a role in a play, as him as a father to her identity as a mother, rather than as a romantic relationship, as she remains staunchly opposed to intraclade relationships.


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