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Debarre is a cladist and good friend to many of the Ode clade, having been a friend to Michelle Hadje/Sasha and AwDae prior to uploading.

During the Lost saga, he worked to find out what had happened to his partner, Cicero. Given his proximity to her, he was the one to retrieve Sasha from her own trapped state. The two of them pooled their money to upload together as soon as they could afford to.

He was a member of the Council of Eight and, after its dissolution, worked behind the scenes with others such as Yared Zerezghi and user11824 to provide a balance to True Name and Jonas in their ongoing steering of Lagrange. Although their goals remained almost the same, he disagreed with their methods of achieving those goals, and bore hatred for both of them. Even after her assassination, he remained uncomfortable with Sasha for many years. His role became more open later on in the 2300s, with him acting in an 'official' (or as official as was feasible sys-side) capacity in the days immediately following the Century Attack.

He is in an on-again-off-again relationship with E.W., with much of the Ode clade described as having a crush on him but remaining content that at least one of them is in a relationship with him.