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Uploading is the process by which an individual moves from phys-side to sys-side. It is a destructive medical procedure that leads to the consciousness being transmitted to the System via Ansible, a large piece of computing hardware at the Earth-Moon L5 point.

Reasons for uploading

Many reasons are given for uploading by those who have uploaded. While these are myriad, a few general categories have lingered:

  • Getting away from a less-than-ideal living situation — many uploaded to escape from either personal or general inequalities, escaping bad relationships, living situations, or political situations.
  • Financial reasons — After approximately 46, governments phys-side began to compensate families for the loss of income. Thanks to the work of E.W., this generally took the form of a first-born child uploading in order to support their siblings.
  • Political idealism — Politically charged topics such as climate change or mutual aid drive many to upload in order to continue their work on a longer time scale. While many are accused of wandering away from their goals, some continue to work on the problems posed by climate change even centuries after uploading. The following is protocanon: Some work on the issues of community organization by, for example, constructing experimental, communal-living sims that may reap knowledge to provide to those remaining phys-side.

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