From Post-Self
Source: johnny d.
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 49+45
Down-Tree Rye

Dear, Also, The Tree That Was Felled of the Ode clade is a fennec fox described as having white, almost iridescent fur. Within the Ode clade, it is from the ninth stanza, and was forked along with Serene when Rye, its down-tree, wished to explore instance and sim artistry. Its only long-lived up-tree that remains in the Ode clade is Warmth In Fire, who was forked as a safety mechanism while it worked on an intense project involving forgetting a piece of information.

It is described as being "the best worst fox" or "a little shit". As an instance artist, it forks to an extreme.

It is in a relationship with Codrin Bălan#Castor and █████#Castor on Castor and Codrin Bălan#Pollux and Serene on Pollux. It fully invested in the launch and did not leave a fork behind on Lagrange.

Forgetting the Name

On 57+318, Dear undertook a series of changes to do its best to forget AwDae's name. It placed the name itself into an exocortex, then forked rapidly over the course of some hours, changing its shape, species, and as much of its sensorium as it could. As exocortices rely in part on sensorium matching for unlocking, it eventually got to the point where the process of accessing the contents of the exocortex got too difficult to be worth it, and considered this a success. The instance it left behind chose to individuate, becoming Warmth In Fire.

This led to Dear picking up an abiding interest in memory and the ways that it worked within the System. As such, it became one of the Odists most interested in Qoheleth's scavenger hunt, looping in Ioan Bălan to help with the investigation. After the assassination, it expanded on Qoheleth's thoughts on memory.

Despite the frustration of the events, this forged a strong connection between Dear and the instance of Ioan that became Codrin Bălan, and between the Ode and Bălan clades as a whole.


When Dear overflows, it loses its fine control of its forking and winds up scattering foxes about uncontrollably, each of them running off to do something else