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The information on this page is free of spoilers or has spoilers hidden and is safe to read if you have not read much of the canon and want to avoid being spoiled. Editors, make sure to help keep it that way!

Much community has sprung up around Post-Self. It has proven to be a wonderful playground both for creators as well as for exploring one's own identity. Communication takes place on a Discord server and a Telegram group.


The Post-Self community is flat, with no central leadership. However, there are a few individuals who act as helpers when it comes to community or lore discussions. Madison Rye Progress manages all of the online resources and acts as curator for the Post-Self canon.

Community ethos

Post-Self and its community spaces are amorous spaces. This means that adult content is allowed in creations and is not restricted to designated channels. The community is radically queer, antifascist, and anticapitalist. A lot of places will leave it at "Don't be a bigot" followed by a bunch of -isms. We have a higher standard. Neoliberal apologia, particularly capitalist, imperialist, and other centrist rhetoric are incompatible with the values of this space.


As with any fictional setting, it is natural to reach for roleplay as a means of exploring the ramifications of the universe and characters. This is actively encouraged within Post-Self! Roleplay is not generally considered canon, but it may result in canon (of note, the story "Prophecies" was the result of a scene on Wolfery). See the note about types of canon on the Wiki contribution guide


Roleplay on Discord takes place largely in the forum labeled "Scenes", with one scene per post. If you are interested in starting or taking part in a scene feel free to mention it in #ooc. Additionally, #the-alley-cat is a good place for light, low-plot roleplay taking place in a coffee shop setting.

The Post-Self MUCK

The Post-Self MUCK is another space for engaging with roleplay with various levels of canonicity, though often with a much higher focus on more plot-heavy scenes with multiple people. The MUCK exists on Lagrange in the early 2400s, complete with all of the plot-trappings that entails. This is a lovely space to come and join for experiencing life sys-side. You can even fork there!


There is a community of characters on Wolfery exploring the cladist identity and the mechanics of the System.

The setting of Wolfery is known as "The Rift". This is, essentially, a confluence of histories and canons, with characters arriving on a train from their own lives and universes. As such, the cladists present (largely Odists and Bălans) have all appeared there as a result of crashing due to the events described in Marsh (with the exception of an instance of True Name, who arrived after the events of Mitzvot).

Cladists are restrained by the lack of anything to do with the perisystem architecture. That is, they can fork, create objects, and send sensorium messages, though merging and messages feel strange (no memories or information is lost). However, exocortices, ACLs, sims, systech tools such as kicking incapacitated cladists to fork, and the eternal memory that cladists experience sys-side are all unavailable. Additionally, cladists are susceptible to actually dying (though none have yet!) and can bear children (also something that has yet to happen).

Given the nature of the setting, these stories are non-canonical, though they may result in protocanon.

If you are interested in joining us, get in touch with us on the Discord server or Telegram group.

Post-Self and plurality

Given the heavy focus on identity, it's not uncommon for plural systems to pick up fictives (headmates based around characters from a setting) from Post-Self. Notably, many systems have picked up Odists, and more than one have started labeling themselves as clades rather than systems.

One bit of fall-out from this is that writing with characters who are others' headmates ought to involve a step of checking with that system/those systems (doubles are generally welcome; after all, forking exists) as canon can influence noemata/backstory and vice versa.

For the Ode clade in particular, you can find a list of Odists and which have wound up as headmates in italics here This article is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.