From Post-Self
Source: Roxy
Clade The Ode clade
Forked 3+53
Down-Tree A Finger Pointing

Beholden To The Heat Of The Lamps is a skunk cladist and part of the fifth stanza of the Ode clade. She is A Finger Pointing's partner and one of Motes's guardians. Highly focused on music, she both attends shows and produces her own music. She has picked up a punk aesthetic in the process, and something of a punk attitude to go with it. She is one of the lead sound engineers for Au Lieu Du Rêve. Due to the association of sound tech with AwDae that many of the Odists hold, this is a fraught venture, and as such, she tends to hold her emotions at a distance and is known for drinking quite a bit.

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